1972 Citroën HY Wohnmobil

1972 Citroën Hy Wohnmobil


1972 Citroën Hy Wohnmobil


1972 Citroën Hy Wohnmobil


This was apparently a custom job by a Citrogen mechanic. The story is, it was stretched when new and used as a furniture delivery van for the first 7 years of its life. It was then bought by a Citrogen mechanic and converted into a camper. He raised the roof and decked it out like you see here. He and his wife used it to travel around Europe, so there are a few engine mods as well and it has the ability to run off gasoline and propane.



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One thought

Sieghard Waskewitz

Hallo ich bin an einem Citroen HY als Wolhnmobil interessiert.Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich. Habe in den 70er und 80er immer HY gefahren und suche jetzt ein Fahrzeug.

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